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"Faulty Towers"

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Hotel was badly run and very unclean, if half board breakfast was unedable would not recomed this to ANYBODY! Was flea ridden and one of the most unhygenic place i have ever been in!.

By: Craig And Abbie Bryson - Submitted 24th February 2009

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Travel Date: July 2008 Best for: Party Animals
Travelled with: Family Recommend to a friend: No
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"Hotel Svezhest review"

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Sincere thanks to Maureen and Sinead at Delta Travel Dublin who organised this holiday in Difficult circumstances.

Resort Opinion
A very lively/value for money resort with a lot of daytime/nightime activities.The main drawback being the lack of quality shopping in the resort,personal security ,crime and the unfriendliness of the vast majority of Bulgarians ,with only a few exceptionaly friendly people encountered.

Hotel Svezest Opinion.
This hotel is very centraly located ,being close to all the nightlife /beaches/shops .Only some hotel staff were exceptionaly friendly such as Borris ,Yassn,Steve and the cleaning lady for my room.Consequently these were the only people to get tips here.Unfortunately the rest of the people here were very private and some were decidedly unfriendly.Borris is the man to see at the start of your holiday.He will go out of the way to help you out with any difficulties and is very informed about the resort.Hotel /pool/sun area/grounds/are kept immaculately clean at all times.Safety deposit boxes are available for hire costing 42 lev for two weeks.Located in reception are a little bit on the small side.There is always a person in reception with the second key required to open them.Air conditioning is also available but in this writers opinion unnecessary.

The rooms are basic but kept very clean and in good order.No deposit is required.Consisting of two single beds ,table,sideseat,and make up table with mirrors.The door at the balcony tilts back on top and there is a mosquito screen outside.So you can leave the door wide open to cool the room down.A small fridge would be a great addition to the rooms.

Basic but kept well.Hot water available at all times even when everyone has arrived back from the beach.Room cleaning /toilet rolls/soap/towels provided every day with towels folded neatly on the made up beds was noticed.No matter how hard you splashed water about it did not leak in to the bedroom.

In this writers opinion guests should not take rooms on the first floor for the following reasons.
Level with the balcony is a flat roof area.If you are a light sleeper you will be woken up by the sounds of objects impacting and other unsavoury things will splash on your clothes that are hanging out to dry.It also gets a bit tiring returning traceable items back to reception, that have miracously arrived on your balcony.
Also if you are a shy person just take note that a cleaner is sent up to clean the roof in the morning.So be carefull when you are walking around your room first thing in the morning or she will get a good eyefull.I recon this is the reason why my cleaning lady had a big smile and a wink for me all the time.
A big downside to the hotel is the strictness of some of the house rules.Irish people work very hard throughout the year and when we go away we like to party just as hard.It was dissapointing that you could not have friends back to your room,play music in your room or balcony ,and to cap it all to keep quiet between 1400-1700, and 2400-0900.Every time you broke this rule a fine of 100 lev is imposed.
And on to breakfast.
This consisted of the same fare each day.Table staff were likewise not smiling.One started to have breakfast elsewhere to avoid the repitiveness.

Burgas Airport
None of the horror stories from other reviewers were encountered by this writer there.Got through baggage,customs and on to buses easily.Take note that an Antenov aeroplane parked outside is a nice picture opportunity.Quick transfer to the hotel with the driver really earning his money by going through very narrow streets professionaly.One nice touch is that staff from Balkan Tours will be at the check out desks at departure should you have any difficulty.Ladies take note that Hemus airlines did not charge for heavy luggage at time of writing ,so fill those bags!!.Very important is to keep the slip of paper from the hotel in your passport.

Personal Security.
Crime is a big problem here.Just walk past the police station around 11am each morning when the interpreter is in ,and see the big queue of the last night victims.Ladies and Gents it is not safe to wear nice jewelery in public here.So these items should be hidden on the body.Only bring with you the minimum amount of money required and this should be removed from wallets and also hidden on the body.It was quite noticable the amount of tourists once entering nightclubs/restaurants etc putting on their jewelery again.
In this reviewers opinion there are two no go areas in the resort for tourists after 9pm.
The first is the area from the crossroads in front of the svesezt hotel to the market on both sides of the road.The second is the area from the kuban hotel to the market.From talking to the nice Bulgarians what happens is that gangs of people become friendly with tourists in these areas,some posing as prostitutes.Whilst being friendly wallets,jewelery and money are removed.If the tourist trys to fend them off the whole gang moves in and mugs the innocent victim.An alternative route to the clubs avoiding these araes is to turn right on leaving the svezest and to walk to the police barriers.On reaching these turn left and follow the road around to the junction before the kuban hotel on the main street to the nightlife.
The genuine ladies of the night operate at the junction of the central pier and the main street,which is on the main pedestrian route to the nightclubs.They will walk along with you, whilst you will be politely making excuses on why you cant avail of their services.They wont take offence at your refusals and after a few minutes they will move away to find the next potential customer.For the time i was there,apart from the few friendly locals these were the most polite and well mannered Bulgarians that i encountered.Spare a thought for thes e poor Ladies as they are forced to hand over their protection money to the leather clad borzoi each night,regardless if they have had clients or not.Ladies /Lads if you do avail of the services offered do bring along a friend just in case.

Beach Review of Sunny Beach
Facing the central pier, beaches to the left are know as Sunny Beach North and beaches to the right are Sunny Beach South.

Beaches Sunny Beach North.
Globus Hotel to the Blue Bay Hotel.
Fine sandy beaches here with free and pay per use areas.Prices vary for umbrella and chair going from 6 to 12 lev each per day.Safe for swimming but children need to be supervised at all times due to the presence of a large amount of stinging jellyfish.There are problems with a build up of seaweed on the beach between the Heaven to the Palace hotels.Lifegaurds/showers/changing rooms/massage/volleyball/shops/toilets provided.Special needs access good.Parasailing here single costing 45lev and tandem 80lev.Beach can get very crowded.Nationalities mixed,all age groups,gender mixed,textile rules apply.

Blue Bay hotel to the Beach after the Enctpo Bar/Restaurant.
Fine shallow sandy beach with stony shoreline.The river has dried up here and there is a problem with flies as the sand is still damp.Large free area here.No facilites here.Shops/ toilets nearby.Special needs access good.Nationalities Russian/Bulgarian.All age groups/gender mixed.Textile rules apply.

Singers Naturist Beach
This is the small beach near the Enctpo Bar/Restaurant.Dimensions are 150 by 50 feet wide consisting of half stony and the rest deep sand.People have constructesd shallow sunbeds in the stony areas which can accomodate two people.This is a very sheltered and private beach.There is a walkway/road further back which is used by some walkers and even fewer cars.People here are very friendly and when asked none of the locals knew the name for this beach.So it seemed appropriate to name it after the origion of a pleasant occurance which happens most days.A frequent visitor here is a very famous bulgarian singer,and if he is in the mood he rehearses on the beach.A very pleasant experience for sunbathers and hence the ideal name for the beach.If you get a chance please see his show at the Enctpo Bar/Restaurant.Nationalities Russian /Bulgarian/German/Irish/Dutch.Mostly senior citizens/middle aged people with a respectable number from my age group and under.Most noticable was the absence of large groups of men here.Special needs access dificult/facilities none.Nearest shop /toilet Enctpo Bar a short walk away.Mixed rules apply for sunbathers.

Sunny Beach Naturist Coves.
These are two very small beaches after the Singers Beach,and are each seperated by stony peninsulas.Very small sandy areas.Privacy is not great as it is close to the road.No facilities.Special needs access poor.Shops/toilets quite a walk away.Used by younger people.Nationalities Russia/Bulgarian/Irish/Dutch.All Genders.Mixed Rules Apply.

Beaches Sunny Beach South
Central Pier to the Globus Hotel
Deep sandy beach with free and pay per use areas.Prices cheaper here than on Sunny Beach North for sunbeds/shade.Facilities Massage,shops,changing room,showers,lifegaurds,volleyball,toilets ,beach bars provided.Special needs access good.All age groups/nationalities.Gender mixed.Textile rules apply.

Hajiska Naturist Beach.
This is the ungaurded area after the Globus Hotel.The locals tell me that the river and this section of beach is named after the very first group of pilgrims to the Holy Land.These Hajia when they returned settled near here.A very fine sandy beach,good shoreline and sandunes.Not sheltered ,sandblasting can be a problem here.Also not very private as it is situated on the main pedestrian route between the Central Pier and Nessebar.A pleasant feature of this beach is the clean freshwater Hajiska River ,which you can use to cool down in and wash the sand away.It also marks the boundary to the naturist beach.Facilities none, some beach vendors and massage provided.Shops /toilets quite a distance away.Nationalities /genders mixed with groups of men using the sand dunes.All age groups including families.Mixed rules apply.
To the users of the sandunes please select your sunbathing area very carefully,as some muppets/idiots use the sandunes for Quadbiking.So if you are not carefull Gentlemen you could have the encounter of a lifetime here,negitively speaking.Quadbikes dont have airbrakes and cant defy gravity.I am sure that being dug out of the sand is not a pleasant experience.

Hajiska River to Nessebar
Again a fine sandy beach.Very limited free areas here,nearly all pay per use.Facilities Paragliding, Quadbiking,toilets,changing area,showers,massage,shops,beach Bar,available.One unusual activity provided is Tandem Microlighting costing 50 lev for 15 minutes.Subject to wind and wave conditions for safety reasons.Special needs access good.All Nationalities/genders.Textile rules apply.

Nightclubs/Bars In Sunny Beach
Bars were quiet compared to other countries and people moved on to the clubs from 11pm onwards.What a pleasant experience it was not to be inhaling BO and Flatulence in these premises as people could light up.Smoke was not a problem here.In this writers opinion there is only one quality Pub and Nightclub in the resort,being Hollywood select Bar and Club Lazur respectively.Here are the reviews of the establishments frequented.

La Perla
This is where our Nordic/Scandanavian Friends let their blond hair down,and boy they know how to party.If dancing poles were sentient beings and had mobility they would want to leave this pub.Having ten Scandanavians hanging out of you when you are only designed for one is i am sure not a pleasant experience.However this is great craic to watch from the bar.Bulgarian Barman very popular with all the ladies.Rest of the staff unfriendly.What reminded me of an Irish Pub is the fact that most scandanavians are smoking outside .Why do they have a Michael Martin as well?.A very lively pub,in fact more like a nightclub,one to visit.

Sunny Dreams
Aptly named.All you could do was fall asleep and dream,it was so quiet.

Club XL
Situated next to the Hotel Kuban,this is the club for very young people.Dance/Pop music and the bar staff will let you dance on the podium above the bar.A club for older people to miss.

Hc Anderson
Very Quiet .Nordic music if that is what you are in to.

Very quiet but it's saving grace is that it is the only pub which serves Draught Guinness in the resort.

Club Lazur.
In this reviewers opinion the very best Nightclub in Sunny Beach.There is allways a crowd here.It is set up in two levels with various themed areas inside.It is a good idea to order several rounds at once if you have a good spot,because space is at a premium and barstaff are flat out.Playing mainstream Dance/Pop music the DJ will play your favourite tracks on request.A very romantic place to bring a special friend, is the outdoor swimming pool attached to the club.Being very popular well in to the morning.So ladies dont forget to pack your bikini bottoms for club Lazur and dont be afraid to let it all hang out!!!.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Club Orange
This Night club is a bit out of the way and atmosphere /crowds can vary dramatically from night to night.Mainstream dance music in a small venue.Staff very friendly especially the scouse girls on the door.

Millies British Bar
Very Quiet

Club Mania
This is the club which has the loudest mostly non mainstream dance music in the resort.Still a decent crowd left in the club at 6 in the morning.Most memorable moment here, was being refused drink by the barstaff.No problem got a czech to buy it for me.Should have seen the looks on the bar staffs faces for the rest of the night.A club for serious dancers.

Corner Pub.
Nice but staff very slow to serve and even slower to give back your change.Sit up at the bar near the waitresses and even closer to the dancers.Watch the barstaff throwing ice down the tops of ladies that catch their attention.

Happy Duck
Should be called the dead duck

Hollywood Select Bar.
In this writers opinion the liveliest pub in sunny beach.Dancing in the aisles and on the tables here.Allways a good crowd here.Ladies take note that on certain nights the most famous Bulgarian Male Strip Show called Maximus performs here.On these nights male customers should keep away from the stage area as the ladies can get in to a frenzy.I am informed by a bulgarian lady that individual dancers are changed regularly ,except the leader and that they go all the way depending on how excited the ladies get!!!.Staff friendly with the exception of the girl in the bar on the left hand side as you enter, avoid her.However still my favourite pub even when Maximus are performing.

Restaurants in Sunny Beach
We never had a bad meal served to us for the duration of the holiday.All the pills for stomach upsets were not touched once.Quality and choice were excellent and most dinners with all courses,alcohol,tea and dessert never exceeded 80lev.Allways charged exactly the price on our ordering menu,and service was excellent in some,good in most,and poor in only one,restaurants.No problems getting change back from waiters.
Here are some reviews of restaurants frequented.

Very good meal,service good with an excellent live band called Excess.Audience participation welcomed.

Brothers Restaurant
Again meal and service very good.Staff very friendly here.One to visit.

In this writers opinion the very best restaurant in Sunny Beach.This is where the monied Bulgarians eat and are seen to eat.Just look at the bling parked outside !!.This place is packed when everywhere else is empty.An excellent meal was served .Our waiter was a very nice person called Sascho who worked hard to ensure that our needs were met.So much so that one of the muscular borzoi started mouthing off at him because he was paying us too much attention.A few well chosen words of bulgarian put our steroid friend back into his box,by pointing out that he nitpicked the bill and did not give a tip,as opposed to us.A restaurant to return to, despite the green eyes and allways ask for Sascho for good service.

Shopping in Sunny Beach
This was for me the most dissapointing thing about the resort with unfriendly and unsmiling shop assistants being the norm.All the same toutist tat with very little quality.Haggling is almost non existant and only possible in the markets and even there the reductions are not great.The best thing to do is to spend your lev elsewhere by going to a quaily shopping town nearby which is the summer capital of Bulgaria Varna.Pick an overcast or rainy day and catch the excellent bus from the Bus station beside the Svezest Hotel.The journey takes one and a half hours and only costs 7lev.Once in Varna Book a room in a private house for around 40 lev and are excellent having television and fridge supplied.Then go shopping.Quality choice and price are excellent compared to the resort and our rip off Republic.Be aware of the people around you and in the shops.Dont be afraid to confront people in shops that are following you.Be sure to frequent the Nightclubs and Restaurants near the beach.My favourite place to eat was Godzilla and be sure to to visit O Neills Irish Pub in Varna for the Draught Guinness and the warm welcome.A romantic place to bring a special friend is the Mayors Park at night being softly lit in shades of inspirational colours.

Quick Tips about Sunny Beach

Bring a torch for power cuts and dark areas.If possible a dual purpose heavy maglite one if you know what i mean.

Tipping According to the locals this is what you should give.
Poor service 0lev
Good service 2lev
Very Good service 10lev
Exceptional Service 20 lev plus

Bring Mossie Repellent Sos and Gfor being the best local stuff which can be got way cheaper in the supermarket than the chemist

Bring leg pouches for concealing valuables /money

Keep away from the cruel animal people on the street.They will pull a knife on you very quickly.Just ask anyone from Carlow.

Only change money at banks and at crown exchange.Average rates at crown were 1.915 lev to 1 euro,with some banks in Varna having a rate of 1.96 lev to 1 euro

The excellent and cheap public transport ends at 12 midnight, then you are at the mercy of the taxi drivers.

Be sure when negociating a fare with a taxi driver to have the voice record mode on your phone switched on.

Be sure to use the Bulgarian Rickshaws.Each is unique with it's own music soundsystems.

If possible visit this resort a part of a group safety in numbers.

Dont expect gauranteed sunshine all the time and yes it does get overcast and rains during the summer.

Be sure to visit Nessebar with it,s narrow streets and excellent fish restaurants.

Dont get offended if a Bulgarian street musician does not acknowledge your donation.Locals tell me that they go into a trance when performing.I wonder would they come out of it straight away if i ran off with their money!

Try to see a bulgarian nightshow especially those involving the firewalkers

For those ladies that want to pamper themselves at a very reasonable price the place to go is the Beauty Salon beside the Ulunona Hotel.Telephone 00359955422963.Treatments include include manicure/Pedicure/Facials and massage at a fraction of the cost you would pay for the treatment in Ireland and elsewhere in the resort.You will get good service from Snegena and Anna and quality treatment here.

Overall Holiday Opinion
Yes a return visit is on the cards possibly in July when the weather is at it's best.Being aware that shopping is not the best and being very street wise.Also watching the changeover to the Euro so things do not get too expensive.Two weeks is too long for this resort,one week is enough and only staying at the Svezest if the strict house rules are relaxed

By: John Porter - Submitted 1st September 2006

Travel Date: August 2006 Best for: Not Specified
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Operator: Balkan New Window

"Hotel Svezhest review"

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Had a lovely holiday in sunny Beach,the resort is really good,lots to do,plenty to see..definately go back but bot to the Svezjest hotel,its a shme,because the staff were brilliant,couldnt do enough for you..

There was five of us in a room,that was just too small,there was one tiny wardrobe for us all.we were cramped..im not a fussy person,but there was no way the size of the rooms,it was big enough for five,we had a small balcony,just enough for two to sit round the table at a time...I will b going back to bulgaria,but i wouldnt stay at the Svezjhest again.Sunny Beach is a must..

By: T Lovelock..D.williams.. - Submitted 1st September 2005

Travel Date: January 2005 Best for: Not Specified
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"Hotel Svezhest review"

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Below Average

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Apparently their rainy season was still coming to an end when we arrived and we had several rainy days, but it was improving by second week. Flight basic but superb piloting. Bourgas airport is very basic, dont rely on getting duty free on return.
The hotel is situated on THE main road through resort and is exceptionally noisy.
The rooms and balcony were very 'basic' but clean, with what were told was a wet room - i.e. shower straight on to floor and then paddle!

We went bed, breakfast and evening meal.
Dont! Breakfast is o'k, but eat out unless you want the same meal three or four days running. Food and drink outside the hotel is very reasonable.

The pool was not very big and surroundings cramped. Be prepared to pay for sunbeds (not comfortable) and parasols. Apparently in most hotels the poolside runs on a type of franchise so you are supposed to be able to use any pool in resort as long as you pay for beds etc., but several hotels had notices to the contrary.

Obviously the best hotels are the four star plus on the beach area.

Good local bus services - like most other visitors, do visit Nessebar, it only costs 60 stotinkis (known as stinkies) and is easy, but the taxis will try and get you to pay 10 Leva. This is the Jewel in the Crown.

To sum up, the people are lovely and friendly, the resort is a bit like Blackpool, but after walking around for a week, it gets repetitive. There are opportunities for visits, but when it gets very hot, we find these too much.
We met a lot of people who were returning year after year, but I think we will try somewhere else next year!

By: BOB JOAN ROSIER - WORCESTER - Submitted 1st June 2005

Travel Date: June 2005 Best for: Not Specified
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