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Villa Bridge is set back from the beach, just behind the Sea Breeze Hotel, either a 5 minute walk from the beach or about 10 minutes from the village centre. Accommodation is very clean & tidy, set in beautiful gardens with lemon trees just outside the terraces providing useful shade during the day. There are only a few apartments, and it all seems quite private, certainly very quiet at night time, so quiet in fact that you can hear the sea. There is no pool, but you can use all of the facilities at the Sea Breeze Hotel, our accommodation was quite spacious, we also had a bath which is a first for us in a Greek bathroom, the kitchen was reasonably well equipped, but apart from the odd breakfast we ate out all the time. We would like to go back, it was a truly relaxing holiday.

By: Gary Bridge - Submitted 4th September 2011

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Travel Date: July 2011 Best for: Mature Couple
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