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"Not for people with walking difficulties"

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The hotel itself is very good, but the location will not suit anyone WITH WALKING DIFFICULTIES, AND THESE WORDS ARE NOT USED IN THE BROCHURE. Instead it states 'set over many levels with rustic walkways to the beach' when they mean steep steps with no handrails to the pool and even more to the beach, and it is a hefty climb back uphill! If you want to go for a walk outwith the grounds, it is hilly and 20-25minutes to the main road for the bus to Corfu town. The shuttle bus from the hotel cost 10euros each and will not run unless there are 6 people. We like to explore our surroundings whilst on holiday, not stay within the hotel grounds and we found this hotel very remote. When we had meals on the outside terrace of the hotel, cats were allowed to wander under the tables and guests were feeding them, which we didn't like.

By: E. Downing - Submitted 1st August 2012

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